C. McFarland, Principal

It is our opinion that individual differences, multiple intellect and broad learning styles can be identified, codified and applied in the practice and methodology of teaching-learning. A one time medical examination can not reveal as much as a one time biometric academic evaluation. 

Amrita Burman, 
Sunbeam Group 

Sunbeam will now be able to unearth the smart side in every child from a very young age so that teachers and parents alike can focus on their areas of strength and weaknesses to get the best out of them by the scientifically proven instrument. Sunbeam is happy to be associated with INNATE.

Dr. Qamar Rehman, Senior Scientist

I feel it is a very important subject and can help people in developing their capabilities further. Very helpful I am Impressed.

Lalita Pradeep 

The report in front of me is mostly a mirror image of ‘ME’ , the way I know myself . Most interesting are the areas, where I have to work upon, the awakening is tremendous . I appreciate & recommend for beginners to know themselves better to channelize energies for professional development

Mr Kochar, 
Celebrity Fashion Designer

This has been a unique experience and the accuracy of the analysis has simply left me asking for more . I highly recommend this technology for everyone . You can change and fix yourself and be a new worthy “You”

Aditya Bhatt

“When I first heard about biometric finger mapping, I was highly skeptical , but when the results came out, I was in complete astonishment to the extent to which my personality was revealed. The task now is to use it to turn my weaknesses into strengths.”

Dr. Pradeep Kumar, 
Clinical Psychologist 

Very exciting experience , being a clinical Psychologist I may say that this procedure/technique of biometric is very authentic. Results obtained through this technique is very true & it explains the real result.

Ms Ghose, 

As a person belonging to the field of Psychology I was fascinated with the idea of the DMI test. The uniqueness of the test lies in the fact that one does not go through performance anxiety. The worry that in a written format for that matter even a non verbal test of intelligence the inhibitions with which an individual does the test (especially in the case of a child ) the constant thought is am I going right ? But to just give prints of your fingers is a non-time-consuming and relaxed way of testing that definitely helps in eliminating any extraneous variables in the test situation.  Personally , for me , when I was administered the test and received my results I was amazed at how accurate the details were and more importantly I had never really done an IQ test so understanding my strengths and weaknesses was an insightful transition of thought and self assessment.

Ms Bansal, Architect

I wish I had come here earlier to know & discover new aspects of my Son’s behaviour. It will help me more to guide & encourage him to my best that will help moulding his personality . I am very satisfied & happy to have done this.

Mr Garg

“I think it was a great starting point to understand our Child. The evaluation has helped in providing a roadmap, which can be used for how we as parents & significant others can nurture our Child . The counseling session was quite elaborate, exhaustive & educative. Highly Recommended”

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